Business Planning and Advice


There are various ways to avoid partnership (shareholder) disputes, litigation, and bankruptcy. One way, is to run a successful business where you consulted with a competent White Plains business planning attorney, financial planner, and formulated a comprehensive plan, where both comply with the existing legal entanglements that might exist in your business world. Another way is to have the difficult discussions with your partners before the business earns huge amounts of money or before the other shareholders or directors are unable to continue in the business’ intended capacity.

Business law incorporates strategy, planning, and contracts to provide a legal model for how a business is formed and operated. Corporate law covers a wide variety of topics, including: formation, structure, and termination of closely held corporations, fiduciary relationships, stockholder agreements, and various forms of ownership in business. At Klose & Associates in the White Plains area, our business planning lawyers handle buy/sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, officers’ and directors’ liability, receivership and dissolution, franchise relationships, management duties and liabilities, and other issues that arise in the every day business world.

We believe that knowing your client and your client’s business goals is imperative to understanding how plan for your own personal financial future. Klose & Associates provides clients with dedicated legal services and the personal attention designed to assist small and medium sized corporations, rich and poor, attain their goals. We are a full service business planning and formation law firm, offering a wide array of legal services and business advice to our clients, including the following:

Business Advice
  • Insurance coverage issues and advice. Insurance is a must in today’s business world. Let Klose & Associates assist you with determining the proper insurance coverage for your business.
  • Commercial transactions. Commercial transactions can be complex with many different unforeseen effects, including tax issues. Let Klose & Associates advise you in the common areas of difficulty that result from commercial transactions to ensure that what you are engaging in is appropriate.
  • Contract drafting . Formal contracts are a way of the world today. It is very rare to see people transacting business by a handshake. Let our firm share our expertise in your contract drafting. Our White Plains business planning lawyers specialize in business contracts and employment contracts.
  • Buy/sell planning. Who will own and manage your business when you are no longer able to or simply don’t want to? Buy/sell planning is important for every business to ensure proper business succession.
Intellectual Property Advice
  • Trademark advice. A trademark by definition is any word, name, symbol, or device or any combination thereof, used by a person or a business to identify and distinguish the products or services of such person or business. Let Klose & Associates assist you with determining whether the mark can be registered as your desired trademark. For example, a trademark may not be registered if it is immoral, deceptive, or scandalous or may disparage or falsely suggest a connection with other people, institutions, beliefs, or national symbols. Let the business planning attorneys at our White Plains firm assist you with trademarking your business name, products, or services by assisting you with the following:
    • Determining availability of trademark. Part of the application process requires a statement by the applicant that the trademark is not in use by anyone other than the applicant, or is registered by anyone other than the applicant, both at the state and federal level.
    • Application for registration
    • Renewing your trademark. A trademark is effective for ten years. Within six months of expiration of such term, an application may be filed for renewal of another ten-year term. The renewal application must be accompanied by a verified statement that the trademark has been and still is in use, as well as a specimen showing the actual use.
    • Assigning your trademark. A trademark and its registration may be assigned to another person. The assignee will be issued a new certificate for the remainder of the term.
    • Changes of name. Any registrant or applicant who would like to change the name of the person to whom the mark was issued may record the change and pay a recording fee.
    • Cancelling or abandoning your trademark. The registration of a trademark may be voluntarily cancelled or abandoned. A trademark will be deemed abandoned if its use has been discontinued without intent to resume its use. Nonuse for two consecutive years constitutes abandonment.
  • Copyrights. Copyright protection is afforded to original works of authorship including: literary works; musical works; dramatic works; pantomimes and choreographic works; pictorial, graphic and sculptural works; motion pictures; sound recordings; architectural works.