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It's that time of year for the hamentashen in honor of Queen Esther. You might recall the story of my holiday Purim. The heroine saves her people from certain genocide. In other words, evil is thwarted, the good guys win.

When I looked for a lawyer in New York to help me close that on the house in Harrison, I looked high and wide. I chose you. There were folks I knew from my hometown, there were family members, others. I didn't choose them. You were the one who was the selected representative for lawyers on the ethics committee. And you carried on in your father's stead.

I still remember you telling me that I was "brave" to meet you in debtor's court to sign papers. That was the gathering place for the worst of humankind. True. But that didn't scare me. Nor you.

I don't know whether or not I would need a lawyer in New York again. Maybe. I would choose you (or your son) again.

In this time of uncertainty, when we have public officials in the offices that they despise, and represent poorly, each of us must be a hero. Be one-you are well-suited to champion just causes.

Warmest regards,

- Susan F.

Peter Klose handled my Will, Living Will & Health Care Proxy.
Peter was VERY easy to work with... he is knowledgeable, answered all my questions clearly and concisely, was sensitive to my situation, and expeditious in handling my legal needs.
I would absolutely use Peter again, and highly recommend him.

- Anonymous

As first time buyers in a tricky market, we were anxious to make smart choices regarding our purchase. Peter intelligently guided us through a this challenge from the beginning. He was familiar with the particular market we purchased in and the challenges we faced. He helped us close the deal on a good house when it turned into a bidding war and a pressurized situation. His assistant, Cindy, was also great-always organized and on top of things. We recommend Peter and would use his services again in the future.

- WB and CMB Putnam County

Peter: Nice to talk to you the other day. Your advice that any transferred assets might be taken by my daughter's creditors was very good - something none of us had thought of, and now, in the light of her attorney's recommendation that they file for bankruptcy, it is even better advice. So, I am going to do precisely nothing about tranferring anything into her name. Thanks - good to know that you are always there.

- P W
Pine Plains, New York

"Thank you for your patience and dilegence representing us on the sale of my mother's house. We could not asked for better representation. When I first contacted you, I was looking for the best "deal", as we really don't hire attorneys for closings here in Michigan.Clearly, there was a lot more involved to this closing than I anticipated, and certainly a lot more time. You always made yourself available and you never failed to keep us appraised of developments. Rest assured that I would not fail to retain your services in the future and that I will highly recommend you to anyone in need of legal services. Thank you again."

- Ray F.
Bloomfield Hills, Mi

"Peter was my buyer's attorney on a residential real estate transaction. Above everything else, I am impressed with Peter's availability to respond to emails and take calls. I was able to reach him on a daily basis, using email and phone calls, even while he was on vacation in Greece. It was easier to communicate with him than it was to many people in NY involved in the transaction.

All of the paperwork prior to the closing was done via email and fax (I probably have 100s of pages of PDFs), and Peter's office keeps a very tight ship in terms of documentation. His assistant Cindy is on top of things and she is easy to reach as well. They have an excellent grasp of maximizing productivity through technology. I can't overestimate how valuable this was, especially in contrast to other players in the real estate transaction who worked at a snail's pace.

If there was one criticism I had of him, was that his answers to my questions tended to be terse. "Don't worry" was an often used phrase, which is tough to accept when a couple hundred grand is being thrown around. Being stubborn and persistent in my questioning is necessary when I wish it needed not have been. But Peter had detailed answers when we got down to it. He also alerted me to some things that I hadn't been aware of, and his office saved us a lot of grief by saving time and being responsive.

I also appreciate Peter's prioritizing and defense of core issues important to me. If I say "we don't accept this from the seller", Peter will put on his game face in front of the seller's lawyer, and things are made right. If the seller stonewalls, Peter says "don't worry" and calls their bluff. It's those times when "don't worry" provides me with confidence.

All in, do your Internet research and keep asking questions, and Peter will be a valuable attorney to work with."

"Thanks Peter,

In a very short time, you have successfully removed all of our stereotypical thoughts of lawyers. You are thorough, insightful, effective and you were ALWAYS right there when we needed your wisdom.

The combination of your diligence, your professionalism and your wit helped us through a difficult time in our lives. We will always be grateful and would refer you to anyone in need of justice.


- Ed and Maureen H
Poughquag, New York

"Thanks, Peter, for all you did for us. We are very comfortable with the outcome - and delighted it is all over. The legal world is too exciting for us - we are not ones who live on the edge"

- The W 's.

"Dear Peter: ... Regardless of how this turns out, I can't thank you enough for your help and diligence. It was of great comfort and solace having your advice and guidance, and I feel this is certainly some of the best money I have ever spent. Talk to you soon."

- Sean, San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for the thoroughness . . . . I especially appreciated the many expressive phrases you used to describe the real reasons he is pursuing this case. With the papers so clearly stating the situation, I have some hope that it will soon be successfully completed."

- Kris, Canterbury, Connecticut

"Peter . . . responded with alacrity, temperance, intelligence, craft, and is a real tribute to his profession... "

- Letter to Related Client - (June 13, 2003).

"We were referred to Peter and couldn't be happier. We have someone who can deal directly with our customers' attorneys [and this] gives [us] time to focus on what we do best."

- Tom, Professional Data Services, Inc., White Plains, New York

"As first time home buyers, we were nervous and ill informed until we called Peter. He took great care [and] the closing went smoothly, efficiently and quickly."

- Thomas, Poughkeepsie, New York

"Thank you for all of your advice. It really meant the world to me and may just save me. . . "

- Carrie, Orange County, New York

"As part-time residents of Dutchess County, my wife Gloria and I are delighted to have found a local attorney who can thoughtfully and capably deal with all our legal issues. His invaluable and responsive insight has been refreshing."

- Bob Fox, Cook + Fox Architects, Rhinebeck

"Dear Peter:
I am very happy to have the real estate closing go through smoothly before 5/18. I think you people are very nice to deal with. If I knew someone will do purchase or refinance, I absolutely will recommend them to you.  My special thanks goes to Cindy. She is one of the best agents I have ever contacted with.  She responded to my every inquiry very quick, work hard on this closing and make it happen before the due date. I didn't have the chance to meet her, but I can imagine that she is such a hard working and sweet people that everybody would like to work with. Thanks again for all of your help and hard working."

- Yi

"A tricky situation arose last week that left me completely blindsided. I needed quick access to a certain family document but could not obtain “A” without first presenting “B” and could not get “B” unless I had “A.” Talk about a vicious circle! In a panic I called Peter who listened patiently to my complicated tale and came up with an idea that offered enormous savings in both time and money. He couldn’t have been kinder or more helpful. If (heaven forbid) I ever have another legal problem I will certainly turn to Peter Klose again."

- Pat D, Tivoli, NY