Zoning and Planning

Integral the use of any real estate and to many transaction is the right of the owner to use the land in the way they expect, which involves an understanding of municipal zoning and planning. As a member of the Village of Nyack Planning Board, White Plains zoning lawyer Peter Klose stays well connected to the ordinances and regulations that govern land use and zoning issues.

Zoning consists of land use regulation for the purpose of planning by local governments. Zoning rules dictate what a given piece of land can be used for, height of the intended building and other issues related to the building and use of the structure. Variances or exceptions are granted in instances.

We are affected by the decisions made by local government. The zoning attorneys at our White Plains firm see this in cities, counties, villages, towns and entities such as school or water districts. Action or inaction by local governments in New York can be challenged by way of an Article 78 proceeding.

Sometimes local government zoning and planning departments harass local business owners by withholding permits, issuing violations, refusing to remedy problems, including drainage, runoff, and fire hazard. The White Plains zoning attorneys at Klose & Associates can help you wend your way through the myriad rules, regulations, and procedures for understanding building codes and getting variances. If you are homeowner with an objection to development or a developer with a project, you need local attorneys familiar with proper planning zoning rules.

The process can involve attending public hearings, and court proceedings. Courts review the evidence presented at the public hearing. Assisting people in White Plains and surrounding areas, zoning lawyer Peter Klose will make sure you have a good record for the Court to review.